Flo Yoga Hawaii's mission is to offer high quality yoga, fitness, mindfulness and healthy lifestyle classes and tools which are accessible to all level of practitioners - from beginners to advanced. By sharing these lessons and techniques Flo Yoga Hawaii intends to empower and enliven the individual to their pure potential and optimal lifestyle.

Yoga Class Styles:

Yang Flo

A high energy yoga class designed to work on your core strength and endurance.

Yin Flo

A slower movement, restorative yoga class to calm the restless mind and body.

Mindful Flo

A focused yoga class based on breathing and body movement along with internal introspection, guided meditation and inspirational sutras and themes to support the opening of the mind, releasing old habits and becoming more aware of one's own body, mind and spirit connection.

Chakra Flo

A series of all-levels yoga classes that focus on one chakra at a time, culminating to a final class where the total chakra system will be incorporated. A fun and colorful way to practice and explore the meaning of chakras as it applies to your life, as well as learning new and fun yoga poses and methods.